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The beginning

This isn’t the beginning of Home Bru. That dream has been alive for a long time in me. Our beginning is the start of this blog and welcome anyone who bothers to read about our progress and hopefully one day before long hear about our progress growing .

I just finished a small business course that really opened my eyes to the amount of work that is before me to make this happen. However I know I can do it. It’s more than I can write in the first blog and hello to all of you but my confidence comes from years of being in the food and beverage business helping others to be successful. Now I want to bring success to a group of amazing people with an incredible ampunt of talent and love for what they do.

As you read about mission moving forward I plan on introducing my team in one way or another . However, this blog is solely created to say hello and welcome you to join us as we push forward in making a great business for the Roanoke Valley.

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Cannot wait to "truck you down" and eat deliciousness! -Bobby W,

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